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If asked to sum up her typical Day Court, Princess Celestia only had one word: dull. Most of the petitioners were nobles jockying for a favor of some kind or another. Ocassionally, she recieved a genuine request for aid, either from a citizen or a town. With those, she helped as much as she was able.

Today, though, was quickly becoming one of the days she disliked the most: nothing but bad news.

"You are sure about this captain?" She asked her captain of the guard, Shinning Armor.

"Yes ma'm" He replied. "This is the tenth reported caravan lost going through the Whitetail Woods. From what we could find, all the attacks bore the mark of Beastmen."

That worried her the most. But something didn't add up. "But why now? The Warheards of those parts haven't been this active in many a year. Not since..."

"Not since the Great War against Chaos 100 years ago." Shinning replied with a nod. "But that's not all. Some of the unicorn members have begun reporting an increase in the Winds of Magic."

Celestia nodded. "The Mage's Guild has been reporting the same. It has not increased to a breaking point as of yet."

"Even so I've ordered caravan gaurds to be increased." Shinning continued.

Celestia nodded again. "Where there anything else captain? I know Cadance has been missing you since your rotation started." She said, smiling sllighly.

Shinning tried to keep a blush off his face at that. He mangaed to as he continued. "There was, one more thing your highness. An emisarry from the Empire arrived shortly after I did."

Celestia raised an eyebrow at this. As the most stable of what the humans called the Border Princes, Equus was on relatively good terms with both the Empire and Bretonia. Though they differed greatly in many ways (namely the dominant species), she, Luna, Cadance and Twilight were on good terms with their respective rulers.

"I see." She said evenly. "And who might this emisarry be?"

"The Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic."
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