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Celestia was surprised by the pronouncement. Very few mages north of the Vaults (where the Worlds Edge, Grey and Black Mountains came together) came this far south. Eqqus's magic seemed to work on a different way than what they knew, and theirs tended to get out of hand. That was not to say that they were unwelcome. Far from it. The tetrachy always made any mage welcome when one appeared in Canterlot.

It had been one visiting Bright mage, ten years earlier, that had seen something interesting in Celestia's then newest student Twilight Sparkle. Celestia herself by then had already known there was only so much she could teach Twilight. Like the previous student, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight had an affinity with fire magic, while Celestia was more in tune with Light magic.

Sunset herself had vanished without a trace from Altdorf months earlier, while on an extanded reunion with her old mentor at the Bright College. For awhile, the letters coming south had been happy, full of the curiosity of a young mare still in awe of the city. But soon, the letters came fewere and farer betweent. Untill they stopped altogether.

Then the news had come: Sunset Shimmer was missing from Altdorf. No one apparently had seen her leave the city.

Celestia well remembered the conversation that had followed, and what came after.
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